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The choreographer and founder of the Roots classic dance studio is Petrosyan Aharon, who studied at Yerevan Dancing Art State College. Aharon is a former professional Corps de Ballet actor and principal ballet dancer of the Armenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre. He can’t remember when dance, especially ballet, was not a part of his life. This is the most significant impact that led him to founded Roots to help children and adults learn to express themselves through the beauty and discipline of ballet. Aharon is also a choreographer at the dance faculty of Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography and Yerevan Dancing Art State College.

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Established in 2019, Roots Classic Dance Studio is Armenia’s first ballet studio (we teach only classical dance). The choreographer and founder of the Roots classic dance studio is professional ballet dancer Petrosyan Aharon, who helps from beginner levels to professional dancers, from toddlers to adults, balance safety, fun, and personal growth. So join our ballet classes to explore the world of ballet!

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Our mission is to make the art of ballet closer to people of all ages. We believe that ballet education should be accessible to all, even those who think it’s a long-gone unfulfilled dream. Apart from realizing the childhood dream of adults, we also help children, who may not become ballerinas, but bring them closer to art and build a strong body shape. We aim to create opportunities for people to engage with ballet wherever possible and expand our reach through digital access.

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